Homeron Etark – Epic Fantasy Novels (Italian language, book series)

Howdy there, welcome to my website. My name is Francesco Giuffrida. I’m a Computer Scientist and an indie publisher. Yup, indie. It is so, by choice, that I do all by myself. It does not means compromises on quality.

The novel I’m speaking about is the leading chapter of a very personal saga: it narrates an epic journey as it would be seen from the eyes of unlikely heroes, an adventure set in the cruel Mediterranean of the times of Odysseus and Achilles.

As i hoped, the first readers fell in love with my book, and i received a lot of positive feedback.

Homeron Etark is, by now, available in Italian language only. However, you can still contact me on DeviantArt every time you want to: http://francescogiuffrida.deviantart.com

All my art is inspired by my own books.